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What is RMS MOOVE?2022-07-03T11:02:21+02:00

RMS MOOVE is a CO2-free last-mile system for urban logistics, through which we want to enable people to live healthier lives in cities. To achieve this goal, we use technology from the aviation industry for easy and time-saving handling of interchangeable containers. We also create micro-depots in the city centre without relying on public spaces. Our system is manufacturer-independent and compatible with all common cargo bikes.

How does RMS MOOVE revolutionise the last mile?2022-07-03T11:03:14+02:00

RMS MOOVE is the complete system for more efficiency, maximum safety and maximum CO2 reduction in city logistics. In addition, RMS MOOVE is economical – even without subsidies. We supply individual components, but also a holistic solution for last-mile delivery.

What is RMS MOOVE not?2022-07-03T11:03:54+02:00

RMS MOOVE is not an all-purpose solution for reducing emissions in urban areas and not an isolated solution, but a consolidated approach to inner-city logistics.

Who is behind RMS MOOVE?2022-10-24T11:05:02+02:00

RMS MOOVE was founded in 2019 by Jörg Reithmeier. Mario Traunspurger, our project engineer, who has also been involved since the beginning of 2021 and we are growing rapidly.

Jörg Reithmeier

Managing Director / CEO

Mario Traunspurger

Project Engineer
What components does RMS MOOVE consist of?2022-07-03T11:16:42+02:00

RMS MOOVE is a modular complete system for the last mile. It consists of four components:

  • MOOVE boxes: These interchangeable containers correspond to the standardised Euro pallet basic dimensions, can be easily integrated into existing logistics processes and serve as transport and storage boxes. The containers have no wheels and can be safely transported on the loading platforms of pick-ups, cargo bikes or even over Euro pallets by industrial trucks.
  • MOOVE Deck: The table system enables containers to be changed safely and quickly but can also be used for temporary storage. No electricity is needed to operate the MOOVE Decks; the Micro-Hubs can therefore be set up independently of location and made ready for operation at very short notice.
  • Cargo bike: Delivery to the final recipient is made from the micro-hub by e-cargo bikes. As a complete system, RMS MOOVE is manufacturer-independent and compatible with all current models.
  • E-vans: Directly in the warehouse, the consignments are packed into MOOVE boxes. From there, electric vans equipped with the special intermediate frames of the RMS MOOVE decks bring the containers to the micro-hubs emission-free.

We have also optimised the necessary logistics processes and, in addition to the technical equipment, we also provide non-public, inner-city logistics space.

What is special about RMS MOOVE?2022-07-03T11:18:11+02:00

RMS MOOVE is a comprehensive system that is unique on the market. As a complete supplier, we have thought of everything:

  • completely CO2-free last mile
  • micro-hubs no electric power supply needed for operations
  • manufacturer-independent components
  • innovative equipment and optimised processes
  • use of existing buildings to relieve the pressure on inner-city areas
  • extremely safe and easy handling for delivery staff
  • comprehensive after-sales service
  • seamless integration into existing logistics chains
How did the idea for RMS MOOVE come about?2022-07-03T11:18:57+02:00

RMS MOOVE has a very clear vision: to enable people in urban areas to live healthier lives through an emission-free last-mile system. That’s why we work every day as a team to make RMS MOOVE the most sustainable and efficient solution to become the standard in city logistics. We combine technology from the aviation industry for easy handling of swap bodies in e-mobility with time-saving processes for the last mile in existing inner-city spaces.

Where does the technology for RMS MOOVE come from?2022-07-03T11:20:26+02:00

The RMS MOOVE components are inspired by aviation, specifically by the efficient containerisation of cargo logistics in this sector. Comparable technological innovations, such as those in our system, are already in use on most taxiways today. We have modified the interchangeable containers and solutions for safe loading and unloading for inner-city delivery. We have the individual elements built by a partner who manufactures airport equipment and chassis components.

Who is RMS MOOVE interesting for?2022-07-03T11:23:36+02:00

RMS MOOVE is safer, cleaner and quieter than inner-city deliveries with a combustion engine. Our complete system can be used for the delivery of all kinds of consignments on the last mile in urban and suburban areas – in the centre as well as on the outskirts. CEP service providers and retailers can use RMS MOOVE just like anyone else who needs to move goods in urban areas.

What are the special technical features of RMS MOOVE?2022-07-03T11:21:02+02:00

We have been working on the RMS MOOVE consolidated system for city logistics since 2019. The special feature: by using technology from aviation in combination with innovative designs and e-mobility, we implement the principle of swap bodies for cargo bikes. “Handling must be as safe as possible and simple for the user, but also just as efficient,” says Mario Traunspurger, our project engineer at RMS MOOVE. The solution is not only emission-free, but also saves time and space by using existing inner-city areas. “Our vision is that of a last-mile system that enables people in urban areas to live healthier lives,” explains Managing Director Jörg Reithmeier.

How do CEP service providers benefit from RMS MOOVE?2022-07-03T11:31:22+02:00

RMS MOOVE is the most economical solution for emission-free delivery in cities and the only complete system. Our system is also much faster and more efficient than the vans currently in use. This means that more consignments can be delivered per cargo bike per day. Production is easily scalable. RMS MOOVE is completely brand-independent (cargo bikes, e-transporters) and enables customised branding, but also the white label approach.

How do delivery staff benefit from RMS MOOVE?2022-07-03T11:33:00+02:00

The benefits of RMS MOOVE for employees involved in last-mile delivery are manifold. First and foremost, the individual components and the entire system are designed for maximum security as well as simple and convenient handling. Specifically, this means:

  • Pre-picking in the warehouse replaces the manual and physically strenuous reloading of packages from a container into the delivery vehicle.
  • The RMS MOOVE boxes are not reloaded in public areas, but in micro-hubs in multi-storey car parks. This eliminates the risk of danger during transhipment.
  • In addition, RMS MOOVE boxes do not require rollers. This increases safety during loading and transport.

The RMS MOOVE decks make it easier to transfer from the van to the cargo bike, so that a container weighing up to 150 kilograms can be moved by one person alone and with virtually no physical effort.

Why is RMS MOOVE particularly safe to handle?2022-07-03T11:33:45+02:00

The safety of drivers and their environment is a priority for RMS MOOVE. Our system is designed to increase the safety of delivery drivers, residents and other road users. For example, the handling of RMS MOOVE boxes is particularly easy and safe.
We also eliminate the risk of damage caused by public reloading. Pre-picking in the warehouse means that goods no longer have to be reloaded in the micro-hub and the boxes do not have to be opened again until delivery.

Where can RMS MOOVE be used?2022-07-03T11:34:18+02:00

The RMS MOOVE total system for the emission-free last mile can be used in any city. Delivery by cargo bike is particularly suitable for urban areas and is just as possible in pedestrian zones as it is in suburban areas. The RMS MOOVE Decks, our modular table systems in parking space size, can be set up quickly and function without electricity.

Which inner-city spaces does RMS MOOVE use?2022-07-03T11:34:58+02:00

The short answer here is “all available”! However, the goal is to leave the contested public spaces to other user groups, such as city residents, and use alternative spaces instead. While operators with conventional logistics processes open micro-hubs in pedestrian zones, on cycle paths or in second rows, RMS MOOVE allows vacant spaces, such as multi-storey car parks, to be converted quickly and easily. In this way, we relieve public space and open up new potential through the use of existing space.

With which systems and cargo bikes is RMS MOOVE compatible?2022-07-03T11:35:37+02:00

The RMS MOOVE components can be used regardless of manufacturer and are compatible with all common cargo bike models. RMS MOOVE also offers retrofitting of electric vans and cargo bikes.

What funding opportunities are there?2022-07-03T11:36:58+02:00

First things first: RMS MOOVE is economical without subsidies, but there are various funding options. Grants can range from 25 to 90 per cent. We will be happy to advise you on the various options: info@rms-moove.com

„As a passionate service provider for mobility on two to four wheels, the future development of the application and the ‘next’ technologies occupies me anew every day. We are already in the middle of a disruption that is changing many things. We are talking about our increasingly precious energy, climate change and liveable inner cities. Intelligent, sustainable mobility plays a decisive role in the major issues of the future. RMS MOOVE takes a convincing approach to this by incorporating existing structures and a proven as well as easy-to-use technology.“

Richard Dämpfle

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