What is 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and exactly 14.4 cm high? A Euro pallet, of course. Logistics experts are well aware of these standard dimensions: throughout Europe, exchangeable pallets are standardised this way. Of course, regular logistics processes are adapted to these dimensions and vice versa. For example, the pallets can be picked up from all four sides by forklifts or industrial trucks and stored and transported in a resource-saving way. From production to goods handling and storage to delivery – and then?

For most systems that serve the last mile by cargo bike, this is the end of standardised dimensions. For example, consignments are packed into smaller containers that cannot be moved by forklifts or industrial truck. Or the goods are loaded directly onto the cargo bike in the city centre or in a micro-hub. The container dimensions and loading capacities differ greatly between the different models and providers.

At RMS MOOVE, we have opted for a completely different approach. Our innovation in this case is not to change a tried and tested system. RMS MOOVE boxes and intermediate frames for cargo bikes as well as electric vans are standardised to Euro pallet dimensions so that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing logistics processes. The boxes are not permanently installed on the e-vans and bikes, but are loaded via tables equipped with the deck system and can be securely fastened to the intermediate deck frames. Our entire system therefore gives users more flexibility and also increases the efficiency of loading and unloading processes in the CEP sector.

Technische Details: 2. Container-Grundfläche

For our “Technical Details” series, we take a closer look – and show you the innovative ideas behind our RMS MOOVE system components that make the last mile faster, more sustainable and, above all, safer.