The RMS MOOVE partners

On the way to emission-free inner-city logistics, we have strong partners and supporters by our side. RMS MOOVE is also involved in various associations in order to set new standards together. Together we are working to realise our vision of the liveable city – and establish RMS MOOVE as the standard for the Last Mile.


APCOA PARKING is based in Stuttgart and offers around 200,000 parking spaces in 80 cities across Germany. At various locations, we now want to use vacant spaces in APCOA-operated car parks for our micro-hubs. Through this use of existing space, we optimise transshipment close to the city centre and relieve inner-city areas. Unlike alternative providers, the containers do not have to be handled in public spaces, in pedestrian zones or even in second row parking situations.


Since 2018, our partner CITKAR has been successfully developing and producing 4-wheeled heavy duty cargo bikes with powerful e-motors especially for urban mobility. Many of their innovative cargo bikes are already on the road, especially in major German cities such as Berlin and Munich, but we are also bringing the RMS MOOVE system to the streets in the rest of Germany together with Citkar.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of brake and trailer technology as well as systems for airport logistics, KNOTT is our strong partner when it comes to vehicle technology and mechanical engineering. Since the first prototypes, KNOTT has supported us in the professional conversion and retrofitting of cargo bikes as well as the implementation of our MOOVE decks.


‚ÄúThe Blue Post” was founded in 1999 and has been part of Schw√§bisch Media since 2000. The mail service provider serves customers and mailboxes from Allg√§u and Lake Constance to the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. More than 200,000 items are delivered every day. The distinctive features of the private letter service are the more than 350 blue letterboxes, the delivery staff dressed in blue and the stamps with regional motifs. As the first of our partners, s√ľdmail was able to test RMS MOOVE for a fortnight under real conditions in the spring of 2022 during the pilot project.

SAIKLS / Fahrrad Dämpfle

The bicycle experts from SAIKLS Fahrrad Dämpfle have been at home in Meckenbeuren since 1997. They are not only our cargo bike experts in southern Germany, but also a valued partner with whom we constantly exchange ideas on the topic of mobility of the future.


WIPANO stands for “Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards” and was launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Especially in the early days, WIPANO/BMWi supported us in the patenting process to protect our intellectual property.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection
Scharnhorststr. 34-37
D-10115 Berlin

Associations and memberships

Cycle Logistics Association Germany

RMS MOOVE is a member of the Cycle Logistics Association Germany/ Radlogistik Verband Deutschland (RLVD). Since 2018, the German section of the European Cycle Logistics Federation has been promoting the use of modern cargo bikes in logistics. In doing so, the RLVD primarily represents the interests of small and medium-sized companies and supports pioneers of cycle logistics – like us!


The Bundesverband der Kurier-Express-Post-Dienste (Federal Association of Courier Express Mail Services) campaigns for the CEP sector in Germany. The association also provides information for service providers and investigates, among other things, how logistics can become more sustainable. As a member, we want to get involved especially for couriers and providers in the city logistics sector.

‚ÄěContainerisation and the associated possibility of temporary storage in inner-city micro depots ensures efficiencies for the last mile and also a reduction in pollutant emissions by relieving inner-city traffic. APCOA’s Urban Hubs provide the intelligent and scalable use of existing building fabric as well as the digital and service infrastructure to achieve this.‚Äú

Niels Christ

Group Director Urban Hubs,
APCOA Parking Holdings

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‚Äě In Ravensburg, RMS MOOVE is being tested for the first time under real conditions as an alternative, environmentally friendly solution for inner-city delivery by our partner s√ľdmail …‚Äú