Our pilot projects: Here we are already testing the future of city logistics today.

Our integrated system for zero-emission last-mile delivery is packed with technical know-how, enthusiasm for logistics and a spirit of innovation. Since 2019, we have been fine-tuning the details to make our vision for the most sustainable urban logistics a reality.
Now it’s time for practical tests under real conditions: This year, we will be testing the RMS MOOVE system together with partners in Ravensburg, Stuttgart and Constance. Whether letters or parcels, whether in the city centre, pedestrian zones or on the outskirts: during the test runs we will prove that RMS MOOVE can revolutionise the inner-city last mile in terms of sustainability and economic efficiency. The feedback from delivery staff is crucial for us to further enhance the components and to guarantee optimal ergonomics and processes. After all, in practical use the system should be safe, easy to operate and as efficient as possible.

Home game in Ravensburg:

pilot project with südmail

Ravensburg is the home-town and birthplace of RMS MOOVE. So it’s no wonder that we chose the city as the setting for our first test run. For a fortnight, our partner südmail tested the entire system in the delivery of parcels and letters in the city area.

Project start

After having to wait for important components over Easter, we were finally able to hand over four MOOVE boxes as well as an electric transporter and a cargo bike to südmail on 19th April 2022. We had already set up the micro-hub in an underground car park in Ravensburg’s city centre. The handover marked the start of the two-week test run: Combined addressed mail items and parcels were packed into our boxes at the südmail warehouse in Weingarten and transported to the city by e-van. From there, the deliveries were delivered emission-free to the final recipient by cargo bike.


half-time! After a week of testing in Ravensburg, project engineer Mario Traunspurger visited the new RMS MOOVE micro hub. Together with our videographer, he captured a few impressions of the test run and also got behind the wheel of our Citkar himself. We were able to provide südmail with concrete support on one crucial point: at the moment, our system components are still height-adjustable in order to achieve the greatest possible compatibility. Mario explained the device again in detail.

End of the project

After two weeks, the time had come and our first pilot project came to an end. In the last step, we collected concrete feedback and constructive criticism from südmail, which we will use to enhance our system even further. In any case, it is positive that the users found it quite easy to handle our overall system and that all delivery areas were easily accessible. We also took a few important lessons on board. For example, we need a better solution for the storage of letters and newspapers. Consolidated delivery in a container together with parcels is only suitable to a limited extent. It is also interesting to note that the delivery staff have often taken over the pre-packing of the containers themselves in order to be able to plan their own route directly. In the future, we want to use software for this.

about südmail

südmail is a mail service provider based in Weingarten. Approximately 110,000 addressed items are delivered every day by südmail delivery staff on foot, by bicycle or with motorised vehicles. Delivery over the last mile is to be converted step by step in order to eventually become completely CO2-neutral.


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