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RMS MOOVE revolutionises the last mile. RMS MOOVE is the solution for economic sustainability, efficient cargo bike logistics and a healthier life in cities. For all of us.
Our complete modular system enables environmentally friendly urban logistics. Without noise, without exhaust fumes, without wasting space.

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The RMS MOOVE vision

The vision of RMS MOOVE is as clear as it is simple: through our emission-free last-mile system for inner-city bike logistics, we enable people in urban areas to live healthier lives.

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Die Stadt der Zukunft, emissionsfrei und lebenswert

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The RMS MOOVE idea




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RMS MOOVE enables sustainable last mile logistics through containerisation. To do this, we combine technologies from the aviation industry for easy handling of interchangeable containers with emission-free e-mobility. The results are time-saving processes for the last mile at existing inner-city sites.

The RMS Moove concept


  • Stadt in Deutschland

    Cities and municipalities

    Cities and municipalities benefit from RMS MOOVE as an open-supplier white-label solution. Our innovative overall system for inner-city logistics provides more space on the streets, relieves public spaces and reduces emissions in urban traffic. Contact us and learn more about the implementation.

  • Ein Paketlieferant übergibt ein Paket an einen Kunden

    For CEP service providers

    For CEP service providers, RMS MOOVE is the perfect last-mile system. RMS MOOVE is easily scalable, perfectly compatible with existing processes as a comprehensive and modular system - and also an economical solution, even without subsidies. Handling is safe and easy to learn for employees. Make an appointment to test our system.

  • Die Stadt von Morgen


    RMS MOOVE is a manufacturer-independent system and therefore compatible with all current cargo bike models. Existing vehicles can be easily retrofitted. Become a partner of the last mile revolution now and tap into new potential in the commercial sector.

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Pilot projects: The logistics of the future delivered today

It’s time for practical tests under real conditions. Whether it’s letters or parcels, whether it’s in the city centre, the pedestrian zones or the outskirts: during the pilot projects we’ll demonstrate that RMS MOOVE can revolutionise the inner-city last mile in terms of sustainability and economic efficiency.


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