1. How do you meet everyone’s needs in ever-growing cities, Jörg?

I believe it takes courage to set new standards and think systemically. My vision is that of a healthier life for people in cities. We start with urban logistics: The goal of RMS MOOVE is not only to reduce emissions, but to avoid them altogether, and to relieve public spaces and traffic routes. At the same time, our solution must be economical for service providers and safe for delivery staff, but also meet the expectations of consumers.

2. What does RMS MOOVE do differently to achieve this goal?

It was clear to us from the beginning that it should not be about creating another isolated solution that only looks at a single process step. Instead, we want to revolutionise the entire last mile, from the warehouse to the final recipient, with RMS MOOVE products. That is why we have developed a flexible integrated system that is manufacturer-independent and can be used in any city.

3. What does the future of city logistics look like?

Emission-free, of course. No traffic jams, no exhaust fumes, fast and efficient. Delivery to the customer will be made by cargo bike. The delivery staff can reload containers with consignments easily and safely on their own. Inner-city depots and micro-hubs are created from existing uses, leaving public spaces free. However, the infrastructure must be adapted accordingly, and I still see a lot of need for action on the part of politicians.