Small but effective: At first glance, the roller conveyors on our RMS MOOVE decks seem rather inconspicuous. But the small stainless steel balls and white rollers make a significant contribution to making delivery by cargo bike safer and faster.

Especially when compared to other systems for handling interchangeable containers for delivery with cargo bikes, it becomes clear why. Because in most cases the wheels are attached directly to the containers. The problem: the fully loaded containers are therefore difficult to control, have to be pushed up ramps with a lot of muscle power or even roll in the wrong direction when unloading. This increases the risk of injuries and property damage, especially when handling goods in public spaces. Alternatively, individual consignments are handled by hand rather than entire containers. This costs time, increases the error rate and puts a strain on the delivery staff.

In order to eliminate these risks and make emission-free inner-city delivery more efficient, we at RMS MOOVE were looking for an innovative solution. We finally found the answer in the aviation industry. In our intermediate deck frames, with which we equip e-vans as well as cargo bikes and which also characterise our RMS MOOVE decks, we have installed multidirectional roller and ball tracks. This adaptation means that our RMS MOOVE boxes do not need any rollers at all, which also makes them less susceptible to maintenance. Thanks to the intermediate deck frames, the containers can still be moved and handled comfortably and safely in all directions, even by one person alone, even when fully loaded. Handling the system is intuitive and quick to learn.

For our “Technical Details” series, we take a closer look – and show you the innovative ideas behind our RMS MOOVE system components that make the last mile faster, more sustainable and, above all, safer.

Technische Details: 1. Rollenbahnen