At this year’s Logistics Day, our Managing Director Jörg Reithmeier represented RMS MOOVE at the Logistics Lunch. The discussion with moderator Anna Spahn and Alexander Handschuh, press spokesman for the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, was about nothing less than the greatest challenges and possible solutions for urban logistics.

For Alexander Handschuh, the fundamental reorganisation of city logistics is clearly the central challenge for cities. In his opinion, the initial situation leaves a lot to be desired: delivery vehicles with combustion engines that pollute the environment, congested streets, second row parking due to lack of parking spaces and delivery men blocking cycle paths. According to Alexander Handschuh, the urban logistics of the future must not only be efficient and fast, but also climate-neutral and traffic-friendly. In the interview, he pleads for everyone to work together to protect the environment in the city centre: “It is important that everyone contributes, including the delivery staff.”